• exceed packaging and design
    EXCEED Industries has been doing
    Kitting and Assembly for over 35 years

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  • EXCEED Kitting and Assembly
    EXCEED Industries will ensure that the packaging is designed
    to protect your product from basic environmental damage.

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  • EXCEED Fulfillment and Distribution
    EXCEED Industries works directly with efficient
    distribution channels, we are able to move product
    from your company to the consumer!

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Kitting and Assembly

The EXCEED Industries labor force will help you economically manage your company’s production and assembly needs. EXCEED’s on-going strategy is to maximize our support through information and automation.

Packing and Design

EXCEED Industries’ packaging and design can help store, handle, transport, and display the chosen product(s). We will also be able to include bundling products together in one efficient package.

Fulfillment & Distribution

EXCEED Industries is able to efficiently move product from your company to your customer.


Document & Destruction

We recycle 100% of everything we shred. We pride ourselves on doing everything we can to make the world we live in a clean one for our future generations.