Pedro Zambrano

With over 25 years of experience with EXCEED, Pedro is responsible for product development, design and production. As director of the Hemet facility, he works closely with R&D, as well as manufacturing and is responsible for assuring fulfillment with a special emphasis on quality control. Pedro has also worked with sales and marketing and has been fundamental in helping design innovative production methods.

Kathy Coake

Kathy has been with EXCEED for over 18 years. As the director of the Perris facility, she provides a collaborative work environment focused on production management, quality assurance, and inventory control. Kathy has also worked with sales and marketing in the Perris facility and has been fundamental in maintaining many long term relationships with different companies over the years.

Andrea Wells

As Assistant Executive Director, Andrea has taken on many roles. From Service Development Coordinator to Director of Disability Training and more, Andrea has been the backbone for our Supported Employment Workgroups and Individual Job Placements. With 28 years of service with the company, Andrea has been on the forefront of ADA training and other onsite training to many different companies. If there is an opportunity to reduce your employee related costs, Andrea is well qualified to find the proper path.

Lee Trisler

As the Executive Director for EXCEED, Lee is responsible for the overall strategic and operational responsibility for the companies staff, programs, expansion, cost control and execution of its mission. With more than 30 years with the company, Lee was fundamental in developing the core programs, operations, and business plans for the company. Working directly with the Board of Directors, Lee is the pulse of all departments and functions available for quick action and response as needed.