EXCEED Industries third party scanning service provides document scanning for your office or home. This will put every record and valuable piece of information that you currently have on paper onto a CD for use on your computer. This will increase your company’s productivity and performance.

The latest scanning equipment and software are used to create a document management system that will increase file storage productivity and relieve paperwork management. This can include conversion to text via optical character recognition (OCR) software which allows you to edit the documents. You may also need to redact private information to protect your patients or clients.

Arrangements can be made to do document scanning onsite at your facility.

  • Medical Practices – Whether you are a single practitioner or a hospital we can help. We will digitize your medical records and help you move them to electronic health records (EHR). We can even handle the data capture to make the integration seamless and efficient.

  • Legal Firms – It may be for an inquiry or you might just want to streamline your records storage. We can scan on site if required at the offices of your client, or opposing counsel.

  • Accounting Firms – By moving records to a digital system they can be quickly found in the event of an audit, and protected by your favorite security software.

  • Governments – This will reduce the cost of records storage and even the need to lease additional space for records that need to be stored indefinitely.

  • Architecture Firms – Large format scanners can handle engineering drawings and blueprints.