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At EXCEED Industries, we work side by side with you to create a successful strategy for the fulfillment and distribution of your company's products. EXCEED Industries takes your products all the way from the warehouse to the customers and everything in between with no hassle or difficulty. EXCEED Industries sends an alert to your customers that lets them know their package is on its to them. EXCEED Industries has the ability to handle credit-card processing, supply current inventory levels, and reorder products.


Since EXCEED Industries works directly with different distribution channels, we are able to move product from your company right to the consumer as quickly as possible; this ensures the product’s availability in stores.


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Rather than directly shipping to each retailer, EXCEED Industries can distribute your product to one or more wholesalers, who in turn, will sell to retailers. By doing this, once again, your product may appear on as many retail shelves as possible, which significantly helps with distribution.